Construction of the new pipe using the pipebursting method with the Terra hammer

In places where the existing road or railway has to be crossed during the construction of communications, the pipebursting method can be used to build a casing pipe for communications without disturbing traffic. Starting and receiving construction pits are prepared on both sides of the railway or road. The walls of the starting construction pit are reinforced and the frame of the equipment is assembled in it. A steel pipe is placed on the frame and a hammer is installed at the end of the pipe. With the Terra TR 540 equipment, it is possible to burst pipes with a diameter of up to 2000 mm (section length up to 30 m; for smaller diameters – up to 100 m). When the hammer punches the pipe to the receiving construction pit, all equipment and reinforcements are dismantled and the pipe is ready for connection to existing or newly constructed networks.