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Water and sewer systems, pumping stations.
Microtunneling using CC-GRP, ceramic or polymerconcrete pipes from DN400 up to DN1700 mm.
Bursting of new pipe into the existing one with old pipe demolition (DN100 to DN700 mm).
Pipe bursting under the railways and roads and other trenchless pipeline construction methods.
Concrete wells and othe concrete production.
CCTV inspection of pipelines from DN100 up to DN2000 mm.

More information about our company

SIA “Norma-S” is one of the leading construction company in Latvia, offering high quality in water and sewer services construction including pipelines, pumping stations and any additional water supply system equipment. We employ experienced licensed specialists working for 20 and more years in the industry. About 100 our high qualified specialists and modern technologies make us capable to perform construction and repair works in very severe conditions including unstable soils and high ground water levels.

SIA  “Norma-S” was found on April 22 in 1994. More than 1000 kilometers of water and sewer networks have been build from that day in Riga, Jurmala, Jelgava, Tukums, Liepaja, Ventspils and other cities in Latvia. The most significant projects where: reconstruction of DN1000 mm and 1200 mm cast iron water mains on Mūkusalas and Ziepniekkalna streets in Riga, total length 9,2 km; Riga airport water supply and sewer system reconstruction; water mains DN800 mm and 1000 mm reconstruction for „Via Baltica” highway including DN 1400 mm (length – 65 m) steel casing pipe bursting under the Riga – Saulkrasti highway at 13 m depth; water and sewer system reconstruction in Mežaparks, Riga with total length 26 km; water and sewer system reconstruction in Tukums with total length 120 km; water, sewer and storm water system reconstruction for all of three stages of Southern bridge construction in Riga;  water, sewer and storm water system construction for new port terminal on Krievu sala, Riga.


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Reinforced concrete wells and other production, transportable concrete from SIA “Sunor” — SIA “Norma-S” subsidiary company.