Cracking or pipebursting is a pulling-in a new pipe into an existing pipe by crushing the old pipe (static pipe crushing method)

The static pipe crushing method allows pipe replacement with a trenchless method without reducing the diameter of the pipe. The method can also be used in particularly unstable ground conditions and in the vicinity of existing buildings and communications.

When replacing pipes with the static crushing method, the crushing rod is pushed from the working pit (shaft) where the equipment is installed, through the old pipe to the pipe feeding pit. The cutting head and the new pipe are attached to the rod in the pipe feed pit (shaft). When the rod is pulled back, the cutting head cuts the old pipe, the pipe fragments are pushed into the surrounding ground, and at the same time the new pipe with the required diameter is pulled in (diameter increase is also possible). With the static crushing method, it is possible to pull in both plastic pipes and metal pipes.

Pipeburster T175 has a pulling force of 175 tn, a maximum new pipe diameter is 700 mm, a maximum section length is 250 m.

In 2017, SIA “Norma-S” purchased a new Pipeburster T247 machine with a pulling force of 247 tn, which allows us to offer even larger diameter pipe pulling.